Our principal criminal defense lawyers have defended hundreds of individuals charged with felonies in Milwaukee, Waukesha and throughout Wisconsin. In addition to being admitted to all state and municipal courts, Attorney Penegor practices before the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin and the United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit. He has the necessary experience and credentials to mount an aggressive, thorough defense for each client. No matter the charge, Penegor & Lowenberg will make sure your rights are defended at trial, at hearings and at pre-trial proceedings.

We provide vigorous defense to individuals charged with a wide range of felonies, including:

  • Violent crimes: murder, gang violence, federal gun charges
  • Sex crimes: rape, sexual assault, computer crimes, child pornography
  • Drug crimes: drug possession, trafficking, smuggling, drug sales
  • Felony theft offenses: armed robbery, auto theft, grand larceny
  • White collar crimes: RICO cases, conspiracy, fraud, embezzlement
  • Concealed Carry & Castle Doctrine offenses: charges arising from the new Wisconsin concealed carry laws.
  • Other felony offenses: domestic violence, kidnapping, arson and juvenile charges