Child custody

Determining how to share your children without disrupting parent-child bonds can be emotional, frustrating and heart-wrenching. As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your children. It is difficult to see your children struggle through your divorce or separation. At Penegor & Lowenberg, we can help you work through a child custody or visitation dispute. We will work to protect your rights and limit the emotional trauma on your children. 

Child Custody and Placement

Establishing child custody and visitation are often the most sensitive matters in divorce. Penegor & Lowenberg is experienced handling all child-related issues that arise in divorce, including child custody, visitation, child support and post decree custody and support modifications.  

Our attorney has thorough knowledge of the divorce laws in Wisconsin.  We can answer your questions, calm your fears and guide you through the process of obtaining a divorce. 

  • Legal custody: Parents may be awarded joint or sole legal custody. Legal custody refers to the ability to make major decisions involving the child, such as decisions regarding health and medical treatment, education, and religious training.
  • Physical custody/placement: Parents may be awarded shared or primary physical custody (commonly referred to as sole or joint physical custody). Physical placement/custody refers to the child's residence.

Visitation Schedules and Parenting Time Plans

If the parties agree to or the court rules that one parent will have primary physical custody (as opposed to both parents having joint physical custody), a visitation schedule is drafted to provide the non-custodial parent with regular opportunities to spend time with their child or children. A visitation schedule (also called 'periods of placement' or 'parenting time') is drafted focusing on the needs of the minor children, the parents and occasionally, grandparents. Attorney Penegor will help you determine the best way to proceed in developing an appropriate visitation schedule.

Child support determinations require calculations of the income and potential income of each spouse; and other factors including the needs, age and educational requirements of each child. After support is awarded, it may need to be enforced. Attorney Penegor can help with all matters related to child support, including petitioning for a modification of a child support order if circumstances change.

If you need assistance with child custody or other family law matter, contact Penegor & Lowengberg to speak with our skilled child custody attorney.